Johnny's Vegan Mini
Johnny's Vegan Mini


Johnny's Vegan Mini

Regular price $50.00

Items available in quantities of 12. This price only allows for a specific item only. Assortment NOT available for this order. 

**Vegan mini cannot be combined with regular assortment*** Pricing starts at $45.00 per dozen

Ask about our topping for an additional cost

  • Vegan Monkey pineapple
  • Vegan Rum Raisin 
  • Vegan green grotto pistachio 
  • Vegan Oreo
  • Vegan Strawberry hill
  • Vegan Milk river oreo
  • Vegan Jamaica blue mountain coffee 
If you are ordering this for an event, please be aware that the vegan minis may melt if left out in the open.